Stefan Goldmann – A1 Tools [Macro Recordings]

Autonomous wheeling computer equipment merge and oppressive-handed beats borderline up for real-blasting import on 'Constructor' and 'A-Pilot'. On to the next fifty. Bluff techno versions, derived from Stefan Goldmann's synth-massive 'A1' membrane soundtrack. Macro reaches catalogue handful 50! Five cuts remixed into the hefty 4/4 grid (mostly). 'Roadside Lot' is a quieting ambient FM tech tool. Contrastingly, 'Inward Descent' features a warped thump layout and wavetable splashes, sounding like a weeping clod fighting with a cat. The B2's 'Spikes' is a more unfettered affaire d’amour everywhere a shining analogue synth riff. That's it.

Stefan Goldmann - A-Drive (Original Mix)
Stefan Goldmann - Constructor (Original Mix)
Stefan Goldmann - Spikes (Original Mix)