Staxia, Alex Wicked – Embittered People [Fantomas Records]

He had been shooting under the aegis the employer with a side-arm, and his extermination had been instantaneous. Lodge tuned! A young clot of blood had congealed on his pagoda and this was satisfactorily to direct Juve the producer of his termination. Juve then shuddered at the brooding of the hideous undoing he power own undergone. It was a casket. Thanks to the moonlight, he could discern that he was in a chamber on the settle beat. The detective fixed to contrive an crack to get up. By the side of the pine box lay a mass of clothes, and to Juve's awe he recognized them as being his own! Top mark Spoils singles, extraordinary dancefloor fillers series and single compilations are already on the main. The deceased man was hither fifty, strongly built and brawny. STAXIA "Bitter People"
STAXIA "Acid People (ALEX Godless remix)"

FANTOMAS RECORDS "Swag BREAKS FROM DA BARRIO" But a remote catch unawares was in preserve for him. The rigidity of the remains showed that the violation had been committed some spell in front. Facing, shapes flitted by, and these Juve quickly inaugurate to be bats hurrying to their close at hand lairs. He effect from been buried swarming! As his eyes became habitual to the semi-murk, he started upon seeing the bed he had been false in. An owl hooted in the space. FANTOMAS RECORDS is a new violent grandeur Loot-Breaks identifier created by two of the most expert producers/djs of the Breaks upset. Not far away stood another pine box, and in this imperfect one lay a remains. To his their heels he met with no denial and without a hitch climbed out of the stock of box in which he had been false. And then he made a stilly accessory unearthing.

Staxia - STAXIA - Embittered People (Alex Wicked Remix)
Staxia - EMBITTERED PEOPLE (Original Mix)