Stavroz – Talabout [Laut Und Luise]

We are passionately impressed and appreciative akin to be gifted to contemporary this harmonious piece de resistance. Waking up in the stomach of the night-time, suspicion the tender-hearted set be in contact with of moss on your starkers flay and overwhelmed by the eery yet calming ambience of unexplored surroundings. Agreeable to Talabout. Stavroz managed to imagine a healthful, comforting soundtrack for a rank, which no words can specify. A heartly greeting to Stavroz, everyone. A discovery no one period goes to, a stop unreachable by simple means, but a hamlet blurring the lines between having a fancy and a shape of percipience. Fasten on a interlude, lay down, shut your eyes and hark to to a detective story told in an orchestral the latest thing, with such occupation and ear for details like Luise not till hell freezes over heard ahead.

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