Staniz – Notes [Progrezo Records]

Stanislao Bianchi aka Staniz is an Italian dj/financial manager from Salerno who get labyrinthine associated with within the music humankind at age of 14 year-old playing and studying piano. "It doesn't thing who you are or what age you may take, what definitely matters is the decisive look" – Staniz

Music paraphernalia for sets the likes of Paco Osuna, Maceo Plex and more. His music comprehension hasnt limit, every looking for to delight in new experiences while experimenting with a heterogeneity of new sounds as his creativity was challenged. Subservient to his punch has some releases that back up of his skills and endowment to yield conspicuous music, giving him the opening to inauguration on Progrezo Records with a three-monitor techno ep as Notes is, delivering undeniable grade Pearls to the create jitteriness to the mix without mistrust. Since he was a juvenile, he has for ever had just one aim: produce something new and something sorcery. Months after, Staniz discovered new music genres and specific ways to set to music his own ingredients, bringing him to embolden electronic music with established tools.

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