St3reos0nic – We St3reos0nic [Se7enth Fury Grammaton Records]

We St3reos0nic EP. Tenacious, Complex, and Strikingly Original

The newest EP release from St3eros0nic, We St3reos0nic is a high-energy pulsating combination of synergistic rhythms of quintessential electronica party sounds. The EP remains dialed into overdrive with only a few subtle moments to savor. As for the rest of the eclectic journey, listeners can expect to surf on an endless wave of intoxicating sounds. We St3reos0nic is a modern spin on a timeless genre that continues to reimagine itself one layer at a time.

The premier mix on the EP, Prometheus, much like its mythological name suggests is lit so to speak in its own righteous form. Prometheus is the essence of non-stop energy, mind-bending realms, and complex instrumental layers. The production is clean, introducing highly-syncopated beats and pulsating rhythms. The mix is a rare form of beautiful chaos, gripping the mind with a firm hold.

Following the driving energy and intense party ambience of Prometheus, the ever so edgy mix Back Up aggressively converges on the EP. Back Up blows through the EP with breath-taking waves and pounding beats. This carefully stylized production blends together electrifying synthesizers and mysterious riffs which slowly drift into the sequence. With varied executions of up-tempo rhythms and ambient transitions, Back Up lends itself to a few unexpected moments. In a surprising change of events, the mix diverges from its frayed edges to a soft sequence of melodic waves before hastily emerging into what can be described as a gritty bounce. Back Up will have your feet on the floor, your body in motion, and your mind venturing off into places unknown.

We St3reos0nic is Electronica re-envisioned with a futuristic feel and modern flavor. St3reos0nic demonstrates a tenacity for the complex and a knack for the original, all the while delivering massive appeal and a truly unforgettable music experience. If you are yearning for uplifting rhythms that capture the imagination while whisking you away to another dance realm, We St3reos0nic will make all of your electronica dreams become reality.

St3reos0nic - Prometheus (Original Mix)
St3reos0nic - Back Up (Original Mix)