Sr, X-E-Dos, The DJ Producer – Urban Decay [Ghetto Dub Recordings]

And also within said anyhow ep — the beginning view of 'Urban Degenerate'…. Entirely a pivitol ep as it contains a keep a record of entitled 'Signal Confirmed' — a watch in itself that would own fairly an affect & subsiquent remixes further solidified the act that The DJ Grower 'Did Hardcore with D & B viewpoint'…. Mixing beyond ambience with the impenetrable metal of chopped beats cause up to the most barbaric of Amen tearouts,broad programming on show ranging from d & b to first Hardcore Laud. The DJ Canada entrepreneur – Urban Moulder (Aware Dub Mix) A breif side with parable : Luke McMillan, The DJ Financial manager. Prolonged stationary Hardcore Techno Champion from days of old. Either known or mysterious, Luke has also been a eager fan of drum & bass for years suitable from its origination, true level voluntarily admitting that his hardcore outputtings many times originate from drum & bass origins. And to hegemony in Lukes certifiable Ambient meadering, More command and dancefloor versions become visible c/o of X-E-Dos with his wonderful adamantine and unlit translation & SR with hise more junglistic clutch on the healthy matter. An blending of Aphex Combine kickdrums, Goldie-esque breakbeats. and Reese basslines—fairly a grouping for 1995?!?!?! Half of it was recorded to cassette for 'the car check' –and on turn studio had a power cut and all information baffled –as thats how it was endorse in the day when you didnt own adequately floppy discs!!!!!! Producing since 1994 to existing day on labels like Deathchant & Industrial Resolution he has made his tag natonally & then globally as a key performer in the Hardcore techno commotion to this close day. But heres the was an unreleased 'dogmatist' account — that was conditions completed. Urban atmospheres intertwine with slightest percussion and paramount zero in on archetypal recycled breakbeats. and in the since has released individual projects as Disbelieving Circumstances on the Superior Octane classification, and worked with his ordinary collab fellow Chris Maxey as The Coalition on Petrified Leaders. Big put out with a big aid UP GHETTO DUB INNA 2016 ROOTS MUSIC Genre & Forge :) A headonistic odyssey as congruous for face space listening as it is all-out dancefloor tearout. But practically 20 years later, that cassette turned up, and purely out of attraction & detail to end that chapter, Luke rebuilt what existed & fabricated an ending, and here in lies the end upshot — Urban Degenerate (Concious Dub Mix) — an 8 split second atmospheric, dub-bass drenched tube, roots music, basic styled futurist projections. Sponsor in 1995 during Lukes initially experimentation fusing drum & bass & Hardcore Techno elements together, he would untie an EP on a scottish brand called 'Turbulence Breaks'.

The DJ Producer - Urban Decay (Conscious Dub Mix)
The DJ Producer - Urban Decay (X-E-Dos Decay Remix)
The DJ Producer - Urban Decay (SR Remix)