Spoq – Thought Fountain [Diventa Music]

Pre released tracks already gained a lot of judgemental acclaim with comparisions to the music of Bonobo or the feeling expertise of Chris Clark or Amon to Spoq, this is a accepted album, purport the conflicting tracks developed organically to some extent following foreboding than concept. That means he generated the tones and percussion with a heterogeneity of objects as opposed to of instruments, as crave as he could get the above-board sounds out of them. While the melodies are played mostly by analogue instruments, oftentimes he applied foley techniques to add to the mix. Equipped with unflappable passion for his music and apparently unlimited creativity, Spoq takes the listener on an epic trip to unheard regular landscapes. The album "Contemplating Spring" by Spoq is a slip! But also the compositions themselves are satiated of complex oddities, dissonant tones, dusty, itchy analogue noises which are reach-me-down as instruments and arranged in a way that the combinations let it be known a suprising and reasonable attractiveness. It wanders between extravagant, charming melodies combined with edgy electronic noises as agreeably as bleak, grievous beats and basses. Guard Artwork by Mario Tran phuc (http:) "Ruminating Origin" is saturated of dissimilar moods and surprises. This unrestricted playfullness and the supreme story skills of Spoq order "Mental activity Origin" a rare hit upon, that without doubt stands out. Within more than two years of event, Spoq experimented a lot with freakish resemble sources and samples to develop the harmoniou human being of this record.

Spoq - Composition Abstraite (Original Mix)
Spoq - Thought Fountain (Original Mix)
Spoq - Fragile (Original Mix)
Spoq - Lomodyne (Original Mix)
Spoq - Abandoned Painting (Original Mix)
Spoq - The Float (Original Mix)
Spoq - Fissure (Original Mix)
Spoq - Daily Plane (Original Mix)
Spoq - Brutalisme (Original Mix)
Spoq - Spree (Original Mix)
Spoq - Tree House (Original Mix)
Spoq - Onion (Original Mix)
Spoq - Moss (Original Mix)