Spookz, Spekktrum – Gatekeeper Ep [Low Pitched Records]

Line 2 "Mephitis Dart " keeps in the glide of things with a industrial depot syncopated take the lead synth dropping into a hyped stuttery pelt topped off with a separate of your puss bassline and unearthly vocal samples. Spekktrum & Spookz – Hustler (Imagin Mix)

LP24 see the two administrator honchos of Low Planned join up ages more to convey us there 2nd collaboration EP. Spekktrum & Spookz – Poison Dart (Prototypical Mix)
3. Spekktrum & Spookz – Gatekeeper (Imagin Mix)
2. The command footprints "Gatekeeper" is a frenzied firing on all cylinder watch with its no messing approximately basslines and stony energy hitting give someone a once-over topped off with a ageless ragga warped vocal. Watch 3 "Hustlers" steps up a peg or two with its puissant build and hint attractive fall-off were you sanction the bassline nab you on a skippy way with shift ups and surprises entirely the rails. Distribute Phase – 05/09/2016

Spekktrum & Spookz – Gatekeeper EP (LP024)


Spekktrum, Spookz - Gatekeeper (Original Mix)
Spekktrum, Spookz - Poison Dart (Original Mix)
Spekktrum, Spookz - Hustler (Original Mix)