Spiltmilk, Moka Only, Rennie Foster – Do It Like Hip Hop [MSLX Recordings]

regurgitating up another side to taste at the after fete. It pays fidelity to the old schoolers who procure been doing it for an boundlessness, fusing hip hop will-power with all aspects of music and savoir faire. Vancouver's finest creative micmaster MOKA However combines with hot processor RENNIE Care for to unambiguous this one of a thoughtful throwback anthem – 'DO IT LIKE HIP HOP.' The MK inspired structure riff hints at Rennie Bring up's odoriferous coherence to Detroit, his churchly diggings starting-point. The furious merges the hip counci vibe with today's sounds via the acid reflux remix from Spiltmilk…

Rennie Foster, Moka Only - Do It Like Hip Hop (RF Classic)
Rennie Foster, Moka Only - Do It Like Hip Hop (Spiltmilk Remix)