Spectro Boy, Sentinel – 2086 [Geomagnetic]

Picket is one of the late-model exponents of the Psytrance moving parts; his own genuine way creates three-dimensional basslines, groovy futuristic sounds, hypnotic elements & substantial psychedelic frequencies that liking be transported in to your wit, fuselage & persona! Geomagnetic opens a portal to the days and ushers forth the newest hit tunes by Watch from the year 2086. Using an Ogygian mysterious stretch passage buried secondary to Chitzan Itza, we retrieved the hottest music from the coming that resolve be blasting leap floors of the adjacent totally in the near future. Remixing this worthy hit is nobody other than Spectro Boy, young man Mexico based Psy artist. I am you, You are Me InLak'ech, Hala Ken. Closing the album Lio collaborates with his lyrical consort co-author of Andriods obligation, Biocycle, who right-minded released his initiation album with Geomagnetic as incredibly. His music works equally spectacularly when blasting gambol floors outdoors or in clubs. Starting with the foremost epic prints featuring decorous partner and collaborator Alignments, this album tells the co written in harmonic frequencies, of Lionel Zertuche's journeys across interval, intermission and off dimensions yet to be explored. Watchman has released a growing repertoire of brilliantly crafted psychedelic daze dancing party whip tunes focused on both advancing and fullon styles. Entitled aba to the time to come! You inclination instanter find worthwhile his fast and effectual melodious engineering methods making his tunes in reality amplify.

Sentinel - Room Geometries feat. Alignments (Original Mix)
Sentinel - Copal (Original Mix)
Sentinel - Mechanoid (Original Mix)
Sentinel - Distance (Original Mix)
Sentinel - 2086 (Original Mix)
Sentinel - Mexican Sativa (Original Mix)
Sentinel - Decisions (Original Mix)
Sentinel - Portal (Original Mix)
Sentinel - Cosmovision (Original Mix)
Sentinel - Crossing the 4th Dimension feat. Biocycle (Spectro Boy Remix)