Spacedrome – Fields [Elastica]

With a frangible combine of vocal stabs, acoustic instruments and captivating melodies, the listening familiarity becomes a serene danger into Spacedrome's harmonious set and should be heard from start to end, for jammed impression.
Equally tailored for a hoof it floors and introspective leader trips, the album is a different choose on coming garage and a beefy showcase of the music collective's varied features and outrageous manufacturing value.
Soaked in ambiance, man and remarkably sagacious ring think of, Berlin/Rome based music collective Spacedrome takes a wend on result of the profuse facets of later garage and ambient music on their newest album.

Spacedrome - Linee (Original mix)
Spacedrome - Ode (Original mix)
Spacedrome - Twist (Original mix)
Spacedrome - Far (Original mix)
Spacedrome - Absent (Original mix)
Spacedrome - Fields (Original mix)
Spacedrome - Kybalion (Original mix)
Spacedrome - Move On (Original mix)
Spacedrome - Soul Mirror (Original mix)
Spacedrome - Run Away (Original mix)
Spacedrome - Marte (Original mix)