SOUNDQ – Subsolar [Tiefblau Records]

They debuted in Poland in 2013 with the album Barbarians. It's SOUNDQ oscillating ago the window panes and onto the parapets and down to the streets beneath. In September 2016, this trilogy presents their hot new EP Subsolar on the German characterization Tiefblau Records Since then, with the disenthral of three EPs (EP2, XANADU and Out of Inject), their music has evolved into a combination of deeper electronics bordering fantasy legislature and techno music with a push of vocals. Out of a bitter attic in Cracow sparks a thudding of worry.

SOUNDQ - Subcelestial (Original Mix)
SOUNDQ - Subdimorphic (Original Mix)
SOUNDQ - Subcellular (Original Mix)
SOUNDQ - Subsolar (Original Mix)