Soukie & Windish – Mountain [Upon You Records]

Soukie & Windish. The duo consisting of Fritz Dyckerhoff and Nayan Soukie has been creating quite a string of acclaimed releases since 2008 and have become clubbers favorites with tunes on labels like Darkroom Dubs, Time Has Changed or URSL in the past eight years. Now they're a making their Records debut with their new Mountain EP and we're well excited to welcome them as new members of the family.

With What's Wrong the pair of producers gets down in a pretty much stripped down way, fusing a very basic TechHouse foundation with subfrequent shifts and simplistic, yet super effective Tech signals before phasing chords introduce a playfully twisted main motif that finally turns our brain cells upside down.

Going all the way up to party up On The Mountain we see Soukie & Windish explore a more driving variation on their trademark TechHouse sound. Whilst keeping the low end particularly bouncy a tense, flickering string serves quite a build up which introduces masterly crafted harmonies and deep, seductive vocal echoes for hormone driven dancefloor moments that are about to last.

Soukie & Windish - What`s Wrong (Original Mix)
Soukie & Windish - On The Mountain? (Original Mix)