Soseol, Acceso, Glaspaser, dimVolt – Armament Act2 [Armament]

This released. The second Compilation album Armament Records.
Released around the world ' Armament Records Crew Act 2( Act 2) '
( Soseol , Acceso , Glaspaser , dimVolt ) from the Armament Records Crew participated in his album.
Techno , Embient , Acid , Dance The ' Act 2 album features more sophisticated and powerful music and dance routines.
album consists of seven tracks compilation of electronic music.
Composers wrote music that would please their audience.
And tattooist -Kou- He played to the draw for ' Act 2 album cover.

dimVolt - Introducing (Original Mix)
Glaspaser - Radio one (Original Mix)
Acceso - MoN3y (Original Mix)
dimVolt - Network (Original Mix)
Glaspaser - Catch the break (Original Mix)
Soseol - Three Therapy(dimVolt Remix) (Original Mix)