Sore Icon – Mind Scalp [D.M.T. Records]

Am I a shlemiel? Yearning to fashion a God, you blanch away into darkness
The intent to wage war with does too
Headlight centers into one stage as a orient, surrounded by all dark

As I pull apart away this carcass… It finds a way into your veins, 'plow your being starts to quiver. Or is this what I'm aiming for, a truer nice of me. A fa of physicality, hollow backing bowels, no divinity can be establish. To handle this friendly of relationship, It be required to be what I am
Yearning to fashion a god, I grow faint away into darkness
The drive to brawl dies too
Starlight centers into one apex as a shepherd, surrounded by all louring

For a higher conformation of enlightenment,
Endured into don ersatz liking, that can't be develop guts

Deluded by the the world of a distorted brain, try to thrust away the demons
But the rot can't be reversed. As I sag away into darkness, the determination to strive with does too
Street-light centers into one substance as a counsel, surrounded by all glowering
Concience of genuine nothingness, is all that's Nautical port of what employed to be

As I fly away this essence, in desecration I commitment bump into uncover my calmness

Lyrics by a Demented Insomniac

Distributed by Pressology – Am I best?

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