Sophie Rampa, Mercury Fall, Aslak, Hang Brothers – Moonloop Cafe Vol.1 [Moonloop Records]

As a essential emancipate, the V/A Moonloop Cafe Vol.1 gives you a glimpse in the works of Aslak as a raw-out artist with lots of acoustic instruments, as admirably as two new tracks by the Idle Brothers. We expectancy you satisfaction in these recordings as much as we did recording and mixing them?! Moonloop Cafe is a new sublabel of Moonloop Records aimed at releasing prodigious music organization our artists, friends and contats which is personal from psytrance music. Leaning,

Your Moonloop body We also proudly acquaint Souloop which is the c electro proposal of our DJ Almacalma, his unborn album being produced by Aslak. There are also here two ambient compositions by cold-out fabricator Mercury Go down, a dub electro scent by Deduction Sign with tangible flute and a pretty inexpensively by Sophie Rampa called <?The painting?>, which is an outstanding piece of the Suspended Brothers white-hot shows. Moonloop Records purpose proceed to come out with psytrance music from unfathomable liberal to forest pointlessness, and Moonloop Cafe desire turn loose ambient, techno, electro, democratic-configuration, dub, downtempo, tech-race or uniform acoustic planet music.

Hang Brothers - Ondine (Original Mix)
Souloop - Give Up (Original Mix)
Logic Wave - Agastache (Original Mix)
Aslak - Roots and Wings (Original Mix)
Mercury Fall - Top of the Mountain (Original Mix)
Sophie Rampa - The Painting (Original Mix)
Mercury Fall - Space Time Explorer (Original Mix)
Hang Brothers - Vertal (Original Mix)
Souloop - Hope (Original Mix)
Aslak - Le Lion, l'Oeuf Bleu et le Tout (Original Mix)