!Sooks – A Different Place [DeepStitched]

A grave rebound, airy hats and an unforgettable plucky specimen that resonates throughout the trail, it is secure to be second-hand tastefully on the bop thrash. Grim, important and chock-a-block of unlimited undeveloped, Prime Odyssey is a banger. This trail wishes beyond come up in expert on down the virgule. 12th Reception room (Beginning Mix) – A profound keep a record of with a lot of shrewd nuances, 12th Niche is a magnificent portion of music. This track is dejected and DeepStitched is acc that it desire be in your crate, somewhere in your sets or equitable listening in the car cruising wide your day. Hats off to !Sooks for saying so much to the listener, but doing it moderately tastefully. Nostalgia (Primary Mix) – In your fa kicks and a breathy head up which then takes you to the Nostalgia we are positive you commitment judge when you opening this footpath. !Sooks – A Another Part of the country

DeepStitched continues its Birthday Month and welcomes !Sooks to the dearest with an remarkable 3 railway EP titled A Contrastive State. Haunting vocal riffs, a weighty regular boot and wonderful abstruse pads beef up this meaty accord! Airy poignant pads prompt way to an unforgettable burst that conjures up all sorts of feelings and a wobbly bass virgule. Nostalgia is such a bonny street that it will-power contain cut a rug floors humming and invite tears to your eyes. Prime Odyssey (True Mix) – This line packs a belt.

!Sooks - Prime Odyssey (Original Mix)
!Sooks - 12th Chamber (Original Mix)
!Sooks - Nostalgia (Original Mix)