Soohan, An-ten-nae – Baratang [Muti Music]

He is what we phone a Trendsetter in the the public of Bass Music"

SOOHANs senior two albums became an swift internet furore, garnering more than 550K last year by oneself. An-ten-nae is a driving intensity of bass music and crunk on the US west sea-coast, his gifts to recreate himself is unmatched with the testimony being in the ascendancy of his collaboration projects that group Dimond Saints and LowRIDERz. This spell An-ten-nae teams up with emerging halftime / cosmos fusion music maker in SOOHAN for a bumping collaboration of his crunk beats and Terra fusion vocal samples, previewing what to await from his close at hand album Physic in 2017. Run The Springe had this to say close to An-ten-nae:
This Oakland/San Fransisco based auteur has been on the play for across 10 years, creating his own usual in the bass music sphere dubbed Acid Crunk. The widespread stylishness of his above releases albums earned SOOHAN his initial nationwide ambit in 2015 including sets at Set Bisco, Infrasound Equinox, Titanic North a cardinal station set at Camp Difficulty Marks Emissions West Beach Bass Holy day, he has been touring the gala day girth of 2016
capping it off with a crumple journey with An-ten-nae launching along with this collaborative fix.

An-ten-nae, Soohan - Baratang (Original Mix)