Sons of Aoide – Pulse Ep [Hive Audio]

Yes, they're bet on a support! Mirage, the other harmonious trip on this one, is on a minor extent darker tip with evident claps, raw hi-hats and a ill-lighted'ish, eternally current distance drone that wholly compliments the tunes melodic synth waves and 'troity, superbly-complex seem abstractions that come down into state like lovely, omni-colored crystals on a shimmering, nacre-covered boarding. After their Hive Audio-appear back a year ago with their 2k15-released Solaris EP our associate Swiss friends of Sons Of Aoide mould a big reoccur with two discredit new tunes on their Hammering EP in become lower 2k16. The entitlement footpath Thudding raises the bar in structure up apprehension levels with it's hot and hot-blooded, tribal'esque half-measure intro, subtly adding layers and layers of percussive elements p an uplifting plunge chain hypes crowds to the max and a becoming TechHouse 4/4 provides terminating deliverance after an epic burst and one of the longest raise-ups in the retelling of the species.

Sons of Aoide - Pulse (Original Mix)
Sons of Aoide - Mirage (Original Mix)