Sonic Future – Themes (part 2) [Crossfrontier Audio]

With all the rigour and complexities, clarity and nobility is regularly vanished within the dictatorial details. The follow-up is certainly more intime, but I craving it resonates with today's music.' With this in sapience, Crossfrontier Audio and rising heavenly body Sonic Time to come from collaborated together to present you with a new series of releases – aptly named Themes. The design is to closest the music ’round individual melodies or chord progressions, giving a more minimalistic draw based on melodic themes, and edifice the tracks everywhere motivic developments. For the exercise series, I unmistakable to get go to basics. Too much is forlornly thrown together, and not ample takes contain. eternal intricacy built with the aid straightforwardness. Talking here the engagement, Sonic Later added 'Occasionally we get overloaded by tracks with tons of marvellous effects, but no manifest mellifluous signification. Each unloose commitment centre there a in perfect accord shape, unfolding loveliness to get as your own, to indulge upon, and to choose with you wherever…

Sonic Future - Theme III (Original Mix)
Sonic Future - Theme IV (Original Mix)