Someone Outside – Cloud Atlas [Ardor]

Someone Outside returns to Ardor with his Cloud Atlas EP. He delivered a four tracker that showcases the flexibility of his sound, being able to demonstrate different styles throughout the takes off with Cloud Atlas, a combination of sturdy kick drum pattern and dark compressed high hats. The track evolves into a mesmerizing vocal sample shadowed by rolling delayed Outside then goes into a more dark, experimental sound with Pandoleum. With interesting stabby kicks and rolling melody in the back setting the mood for a great slow burner. The shakers, high-hats arrangement then add a flavor to the unique analog kick drum in Acradia, makes it one special tune. The harmonic melody with the pumping powerful kick creates a distinctive sound. It could simply be described as raw & authentic. Terraform synth work and catchy kick demonstrates another different style. The track's lead melody set a different kind of energy to the track. Track evolves beautifully with a catchy high hat arrangement.

Someone Outside - Cloud Atlas (Original Mix)
Someone Outside - Pandoleum (Original Mix)
Someone Outside - Arcadia (Original Mix)
Someone Outside - Terraform (Original Mix)