Sofus Forsberg – Fm Volta [Mindwaves Music]

Nine is the magic number, making this a very special release since the 2005-launch of Sofus Forsberg's previous album, Udefra. So following a busy period of collaborations, projects and performances – Sofus brings us FM Volta: featuring a fusion of man-machine energies, identifying in particular with the modular synthesizer. From the bizarre and eccentric to the dark and spacey: non-standard techniques in music production have culminated in some incredibly experimental sounds. This latest album is a sonic animation in the truest sense of the word – a painting of sound vibrations inspired by band members: the modular synthesizer, drum/FX machines and mixer. From John Coltrane and Hendrix to Autechre: inspiration for music is discovered throughout the ages. The FM Volta album is a revelation though as it follows a nine-year spell of experimenting, studying, exploring, performing and collaborating. It's been a long-time coming – yet Sofus Forsberg has reached one of the most defining pinacles of his musical career with this exceptional new release, in which he unveils a fascinating approach to music production. Cover // Toke Flyvholm Mastered By // Robert Macciochi (Macc) @ Subvert Central…

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