Slam – Ecclesiastic [Soma Records]

Shuddering low end and impermeable, rhythmical percussive elements set the tone colour for entrancing pads to stream in effortlessly creating a keen, modulating framework for this sublimely crafted pursue. A pulsating start utilises buzzing synths hooks and hovering pads yet many times teeters on the bourn as Bang on with their deep concept. Attack in actuality are the masters of their ingenuity, with gifted originate every at the forefront. The premier of two new works from the marry, Smirch, previously again shows their forging power, scoring a genuine upset builder. The before free bewitched from Slams upcoming LP sees the duo finest the spiritualy driven Ecclesiastic to sit alongside two stamp new deeper cuts, Blot & Thermion, showcasing the give one the impression of Contraption Cut Bedlam

Ecclesiastic brings looped out trace sequences together with hauntingly fair pads to emancipate a beyon dystopic impression. Thermion closes out the EP on a sincere unfathomable Techno note.

Slam - Ecclesiastic (Original Mix)
Slam - Stigma (Original Mix)
Slam - Thermion (Original Mix)