Skull Rock – Fãœnfhatz [Beachcoma]

During the dark winter months of 2016 in Berlin, Julian Grefe (Pink Skull) and Sheldon Thompson (Sid Le Rock) got together for what they thought would simply be a night of beer drinking, but soon developed in to a musical collaboration. The result are the two songs presented here "Fünfhatz" and "Plukaki" – a testament to their enthusiasm for modular weirdness. This is the delightfully odd way Skull Rock came to be.

  • Release date: 2016-06-24
  • Label: Beachcoma
  • Genre: Deep House
  • Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Skull Rock - Fünfhatz (Original Mix)
Skull Rock - Plukaki (Original Mix)