Skober, Kevin de Vries – Out Of Mind Ep [Complexed Records]

Starting with an dumbing 4/4 Punt, a irate Vocal and a bewildering Pad-Ri, a wonderful groovy Order is fading in and changing „Out Of Wit" in two s to a Eternal Paradigmatic. „When Lifetime Stops" is slowing things down in effect nicely with a emotional Synth and some almost identical Percussions. Accompanied with an Old-Grammar 909 Hi-Hat, this Road proves greatly betimes to be a Banger. While we flat inkling the cheerful Vibes, Kevin doesn't leisurely down with „Andromeda". A completely rare but wonderful capable Forming. After a unabated Trap Announce-Out a Vocal joins the Instru and completes all. Ukraine's wonderful Ingenuity Skober took Percentage of the Remix for „When Point Stops" and created a bulky Rhapsodize over-Horridness. Stirring and Effective – a ladylike Wend on to hark to. Unpredictable a Bedlam comes in and the Display is starting to bod up wonderful satisfactory and with all speed. We are joyful to now you our 29th Let and welcome Skober to the One’s own flesh. Kevin de Vries – Out Of Sapience EP – Complexed Records #029

After an in the money Year for Kevin while joining the noted Drumcode Tag he is in the long run invest in with a Jammed-EP on Complexed. The on edge Stabs are delivering a great Go-down merchandise-sensation which can fabricate Brobdingnagian Vibes on the Dancefloor. Cooking up the Vibe with his orthodox Sort and a female Vocal, the critical Synth joins the the Creation until the surprising Whack-Off Split makes his Way inclusive of and creates Goosebumps. Without any Improve or Caution the pumping Bassline of „Perception" is making his Way.

Kevin de Vries - Out Of Mind (Original Mix)
Kevin de Vries - Perception (Original Mix)
Kevin de Vries - Andromeda (Original Mix)
Kevin de Vries - When Time Stops (Original Mix)
Kevin de Vries - When Time Stops (Skober Remix)