Sirio Gry J, Unhuman, Blasted – Misshapen [Monolith Rec]

A crashing murky firecracker that intensifies its whine by riffing and spreading in an ancestral, bogus feeling; the accent is banged by a incomprehensible, dusty bass-line, which conduces to a wild, alter planet that time wears the pretence of an industrial location. The minimalistic techno band walks everywhere an primary organization made of sturdy beats, well provided for of a unsolvable and doleful force cheerful to drain into the veins.

Blasted - Misshapen (Original mix)
Blasted - Electrocution (Original mix)
Blasted - The Monster Behind (Original mix)
Blasted - Symbiosis (Original mix)
Blasted - Drop It (Original mix)
Blasted - Drop It (Unhuman Remix)
Blasted - The Monster Behind (Sirio Gry J Remix)