Sinkers, Grdnstrt, Hamandra, Mordred – Gruw Frequency [Bach Music]

Bach Music presents Gruw Frequency in mix session 02.
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Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Mordred - Obnoxious (Dub Mix)
Redial Tone - Thief's Theme (Hamandra Remix)
Ian Cris - Buzy Runner (Original Mix)
Mordred - Obnoxious (Grdnstrt Remix)
Nei Fidelis - Back N' Forth (Original Mix)
Nei Fidelis - Big 3rd (Original Mix)
Mordred - Odd M (Sinkers Remix)
Redial Tone - Thief's Theme (Original Mix)
Mordred - Odd M (Dub Mix)
Gruw Frequency - Session 02 (Continuous DJ Mix)