Sindri 7000 – Tã“nlist Fyrir Kafara. [Moller Records]

Music for Divers is a tribute to the late and great diver, Jaques Cousteu. Considered as an alternative soundtrack to his multiple and exquisite documentaries, the project increasingly evolved around the existentialist monologues in his films, portraying a mysterious and hazardous environment for pioneers of the oceans to explore and conquer. The mysterious and threatening darkness of the deep lingers on as a reminiscence from the time when only stars and luck could guide you through the wast oceans and the depths below.

Music for Divers is an ode to filmmaker Jaques Cousteau and is the debut album by musician Sindri7000. The album was recorded in Reykjavik on Reason, Volca Keys and guitar (nothing sequenced). Prepare yourself for a dive!

Sindri 7000 - Förin Á Hjara Veraldar (Journey To The End of The World) (Original Mix)
Sindri 7000 - Tónlist Fyrir Ála (Music For Eels) (Original Mix)
Sindri 7000 - Leyndardómur Hinna Sokknu Hella (The Mysteries of The Sunken Caves) (Original Mix)
Sindri 7000 - Söngur Höfrungana (The Song of The Dolphins) (Original Mix)
Sindri 7000 - Ó, Þú Miskunnarlausi Heimur Kóralrifsins (The Merciless World of The Coral Jungle) 6. Hákarlarnir (T (Original Mix)
Sindri 7000 - Hákarlarnir (The Sharks) (Original Mix)
Sindri 7000 - Kolkrabbi, Ó Kolkrabbi (Octopus, Oh Octopus) (Original Mix)
Sindri 7000 - Hinar Gleymdu Hafmeyjur (The Forgotten Mermaids) (Original Mix)
Sindri 7000 - Tannlausa Tindabykkjan Úr Trékyllsvik (Original Mix)
Sindri 7000 - Fjársjóður Rögnvaldar Rauða (The Treasure of Redbeard The Rough) (Original Mix)