Sika – Kingdom Of The Krooked Mirrors [Symphonic Distribution]


JULY 29;FIRST SINGLE "SUPERMAN" DUE OUT JULY 15Los Angeles, CA: Alternative space rockers SIKA proudly announce the release of their latest EP, Kingdom of the Krooked Mirrors, on July 29. The first single, "Superman," is set to hit the street on July 15. The album was recorded at Soundsmith studios in North Hollywood and was produced by Brad Smith (Blind Melon).The new EP showcases lead singer/bassist ALEKSEY ZHARINOV's brooding, lush falsetto and the band's signature ethereal layers and textures. SIKA's music is melodic pop rock at its finest. SIKA's music is dreamy, trippy, and is influenced by the band's favorite artists, such as Muse, Radiohead, Sigur Ros,Queen and Depeche Mode."'Superman' is about celebrities who achieve huge success but can't cope with it and eventually fall prey to it," ALEKSEY explains. "It consumes them, and eventually destroys them." "Superman, rescue me if you can/I can't stay,but I see no other way/Why can't you come now? Why you delay? Why can't you come now and save me from myself?"The next track, "Robin Williams," is SIKA's heartfelt reaction to sad and sudden departure of Williams from the world. "His death shocked us and made us wonder about how a person could bring so much joy to others whilebeing so miserable on the inside," reveals ALEKSEY. ROCKY continues, "He meant more to us than we thought…his death really affected us deeply…so much so that we felt compelled to write this song to sort out our feelings about it." "Sometimes living in the spotlight makes you fight all your worst demons one on one/I'm sad that nobody could be there to stop you, make you realize that your life if far from done."The romantic and ethereal "Vampire Love" is a love letter from ALEKSEY to his wife. "I wrote this song for my wife as Valentine's Day gift in 2013. It's about how our love is eternal…like vampires." "Every king needs a queen/Please stay close to me for eternity/I know that you and I will find the way/You and I will find the way to never die."Lastly, the title track "Kingdom of the Krooked Mirrors" is timely subject matter, with all the current political divide in 2016. "This song is about how the mainstream media doesn't report the news, but instead censors, doctors,and spins the information to fit its own agenda," says ALEKSEY. ROCKY adds, "This song is about the 'krooked' media and how they manipulate us with liesand innuendo." "The fairy tales you call news/Divide us into reds and blues/You are all the same /With half truths they are controlling you/Withholding truth, they are controlling you." Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

Sika - Superman (Original Mix)
Sika - Robin Williams (Original Mix)
Sika - Vampire Love (Original Mix)
Sika - Kingdom Of The Krooked Mirrors (Original Mix)