Sigha – Christ Figures / New Puritan [Token]

After joining the Representative family with the let go of Our Old man/A More safely a improved Way Of Living in 2015, Sigha is aba with another ambiguous A-side in the unchanged temper as the final: A booming, atmospheric deed, a single time finally again showcasing his signature regard to component and exploring the concepts of pureness, persuasion and dogma. New Puritan offers a alike resemble hypnotism, with an tireless interaction between mid-string and bass that demands transfixion from the restitution and retains it until the end. On the other side, Sigha advances on the themes from the supervise Uncompromising on his 2012 album Living with Ghosts. At times rigid, and then rising to the forefront of the soundscape; in their more muted moments these elements alone allusion at the manifestation of a song, their curb heightening the keep a record of's purport of melancholic romanticism. The resounding forcefulness of Christ Figures is layered with emotive and staccato melodic elements.

Sigha - Christ Figures (Original Mix)
Sigha - New Puritan (Original Mix)