Sierra Sam – Piano / Residue Ep [Pets Recordings]

Its been a long time coming Sierra Sam and Catz N Dogz have been moving in the same tech circles for years. Both inspired by the unexpected and famed for their left-sided approach, it was only a matter of time before the Belgian made his mark on Pets.
And boy has he made his mark. Two marks, in fact One the shape of piano, the other a shape of a Roland 909. This is how he made them:
Piano hits hard with vampish minor key insistency. Imagine if the Jaws theme was penned by Paul Johnson and remixed by Joey Beltram and youve got the idea. Ominous, infectious, hooky and so devilishly simplistic, its all pinned together by slab-like kicks that chug relentlessly without a care in the world.
The Residue flips the switch to show Sams darker techno sensibilities. Detroitian by design, European by delivery, what begins as a gradual, drum-focused development with incremental percussive additions suddenly drops into bone-chilling early 90s chords that wouldnt have gone amiss on Orbitals Green or Brown albums.
Both cuts entrenched in dancefloor history. Both cuts crafted with todays superlative production techniques. Both cuts leaving massive marks on Pets consistently essential output. Jump on these before everyone else does

Sierra Sam - Piano (Original Mix)
Sierra Sam - Residue (Original Mix)