Sibri29 – Through The Fog [Sibri29 Records]

Through The Fog has been on a long journey for the Danish Ambient project Sibri29. One of the few artists from Denmark that still produces Ambient, and with the idea coming from a walk in the Danish forest on a foggy day. Sit back and relax for 10 tracks that will forget all your thoughts, and just dream away in a open and foggy mind.

Sibri29 - Before You Sleep (Original Mix)
Sibri29 - Behind Lines (Original Mix)
Sibri29 - Chomutov (Original Mix)
Sibri29 - Hazy Sunset (Original Mix)
Sibri29 - Hide (Original Mix)
Sibri29 - L9 (Original Mix)
Sibri29 - Orbit Curve (Original Mix)
Sibri29 - Rain Road (Original Mix)
Sibri29 - Searching (Original Mix)
Sibri29 - Unknown (Original Mix)