Shtrom – Light Of The Butterfly [GOA Records]

When he was 8 years old he discovered music. For some period he continued in that cap but directly he wanted more stronger echo and landed in excessive metal melodies. A few years later, his friends convinced him to go to a PsyTrance cocktail there he level in fancy with psytrance vibrations and magical sounds. Goa Records welcoms Shtrom promote to the sticker with this new abstruse and stuffed power sole Daylight of the Butterfly with two dancefloor treats. SHTROM Is a PsyTrance, GoaTrance Creator And a (FullOn Psy/Goa) DJ from Slovenia. He has some sagacity with instruments as he played bass guitar in a few (thrash, downfall) metal bands. Andrej. He listened to vandal escarpment. In 2008 he started DJing and producing his own music.

Shtrom - The Fate (Original Mix)
Shtrom - People Skillz (Original Mix)