Shodan, Biologik, DJ Myngo, Hanney Mackoll – Isla Zorna [Andromeda Records]

a compilation of several international artists ranging from a progresive trance to an acid techno psytrance atmospheres and a cameo by electro dance
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Hanney Mackoll - Isla Zorna (Original Mix)
Gabriel Viceversa - Outcast (Original Mix)
Hanney Mackoll - Crush (Original Mix)
Hanney Mackoll - Diamonds (Original Mix)
DJ Dragon - The Archer (Original Mix)
Gabriel Viceversa - Orbit (Original Mix)
Gabriel Viceversa - Made in Italy (Original Mix)
Hanney Mackoll, APKF - Love for Away (Original Mix)
Hanney Mackoll - Good Night (Original Mix)
APKF - Mundo Perdido (Original Mix)
Claudia C. - Gas (Original Mix)
DJ Myngo - Sound of Love (Original Mix)
Biologik - Biotribe (Original Mix)
Shodan - Spirits (Original Mix)
Shodan - Luna Llena (Original Mix)
Shodan - Aquarium (Original Mix)