Shivatree – New World Order [Digital Om]

This EP speaks of their music which can be described as filled with mighty bass lines and whopping rolling melodies involving favouritism strained from the old kindergarten Goa abstraction days but tranquil keeping in lines with going round techniques of huge range shrewd. We at Digital Om are more then perturbed to tell our initiation unshackle with the massively adept and rapidely growing scheme of Shivatree. … With the let go of this smashing 2 footmarks EP titled New Existence Systematization we are welcoming & announcing Shivatree think up officially joining the Digital Om worldwide artist roster. Shivatree is the assignment of two teenaged & completely zestful producers of psytrance, Yehonatan Elboim & Ilan Fleischman ( aka DJ Cholo) coming from Israel.

Shivatree - One Dose Of Future (Original Mix)
Shivatree - New World Order (Original Mix)