She’s Wild Again Tonight – Barn (feat. Gustaf Noren & Fia-stina Sandlund) [Adrian Recordings]

The development is transcendental electronic conjectural music performed with much contemplation. It's a voodoo-soir, it is Gustaf Noren making music, composing music in the wilderness, that was theoretical to be Mando Diao's next album, but portrayal took another rotate. Here on this Barn-manumit we are skilful to gradation into the door and be told what is prospering on in the other apartment. The set free consists of 2 disjoin entities called Cookhouse and Barn. She's Feral Again Tonight is a gang consisting of ci-devant Mando Diao chanteuse and fellow Gustaf Noren and videotape numero uno Fia-Stina Sandlund. Larder is improvised piano music that is the soundtrack to the blur with the anyway tag as the combination. Barn is music that is featured in the film merely including a door in the scullery.

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