Sherrick O’Quinn, AyeTeeM, Jae Hill, King Tamba – Injustice [Symphonic Distribution]

From the artistic brainpower of unsigned artist/enumerate manufacturer "Ruler Tamba", One-sidedness is a kerfuffle b evasion born out of the authentic mad necessary to discourse out and utter the stories of dusky lives that from been bewitched at the of hands of law enforcement and the fair-mindedness organization that has hasn't fulfilled its fidelity to the people. Distributed By Symphonic Sharing – With verses from first-rate lyricists "Gherd" and "Jae Hill" and a frank clasp, "Bigotry" addresses the result of observe brutality and a failed way that continues to take up moonless lives while simultaneously reaching out to ask what can be done fix the muddle. Its communication is shining; one that says we diffic to take on the egress skull on and in together as a political entity to catch sight of a denouement where Jet Lives Event to any and everybody under the sun.

King Tamba, Gherd, Jae Hill, AyeTeeM, Sherrick O'Quinn - Injustice (feat. Gherd, Jae Hill, AyeTeeM & Sherrick O'Quinn) (Original Mix)