Shekon, Felix Lorusso, Rezeal – Anhedonia [More Than Less]

Very much inspired by the planet of Discipline Fiction, Rezeal tries to take down differents stories in a unchanging well-organized territory. All the titles impersonate the direction of one lone individual in its paltry the human race. In his more recent EP on More Than Less Records, he tries to mark out the fact as he sees in a long-way-off and fatal to be to come. Felix Lorusso recreated aggressive Circumlocutory Extensions with sanguinary analog report and Shekon contributed remix for Rezeal with uncurved grooves.

Rezeal - Circular Extensions (Original Mix)
Rezeal - Nihil As Guardian (Original Mix)
Rezeal - Corridors Of Deception (Original Mix)
Rezeal - Circular Extensions (Felix Lorusso Remix)
Rezeal - Circular Extensions (Shekon Remix)