Shaun J Wright, Kim Ann Foxman, Stefano Ritteri, Eats Everything – V/a Home Is Where The Pool Is 2ep [Pets Recordings]

Splashdown: Pets are here to squeeze every drop from your summer with a sweet four-track collection thats precision primed for any poolside soiree you might indulge in this season. Grab a towel, a little juice and your nearest dearests for a series of slinky, sleazy, sunny-side sounds. Eats Everything gets the shindig in swing with the Chitter Chatter, a sought-after dub version thats been a staple of his sets for a while now. Humming with fuzzy weight and a head-turning detuned key riff on the fills, it sets the shuffle for the deeper, left-side tech funk grooves to follow. Walker & Royce paddle back to 1997 with a slick fix-up of Chicago don Geminis On This Planet. Maintaining the alien-landing eeriness, existential narrative and loafing bassline, the Brooklyn duo bring it up to date with a soft-but- stern jack that really pops on the second drop and brings their dubby signature to life. Stefano Ritteri takes us for a deeper dive into the pool with a stunning cosmic composition thats drenched in emotion. Classic Border Community feels that turn everything into a slo-mo sunset, Stefanos ability to nice things up has impressed since his label debut in 2013. Finally old Hercules & Love Affair comrades Kim Ann Foxman and Shaun J Wright reunite with the ultimate transition from pool to party; a timeless late night New York house groove builds with a ripplingly crisp synth hook, star gazing textures and sleepy, dreamy harmonies. Soaked with originality, wet with rich grooves; whether your crowd are lounging or lively this summer, this will satiate.

Eats Everything - Chitter Chatter (Dub)
Gemini - On This Planet (Walker&Royce Edit)
Stefano Ritteri - In Thin Air (Original Mix)
Kim Ann Foxman, Shaun J Wright - Destination (Original Mix)