Shadows – Fear Of The Imagination [Leyla Records]

Shadows aka AnD remerge after their unforgettable debut on Shifted's Avian imprint in 2012. The long awaited return finds its home on Leyla Records, in the form of four diverse yet cohesive experimental cuts that take the listener on a journey through the oppressive, the rhythmic, the funky and abrasive.

Fear Of The Imagination commences with a paranoid piece of intense, evolving noise and rhythmic splattering. A spellbinding sense of woozy psychedelia entrances the listener with deconstructed drums punctuating the piece. The improvisational feel to 'Leaves In The Wind' sets the precedence for the non-conformity that flows throughout the EP.

Track two, 'What If They Are Watching You' sits somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and The Sprawl, with rhythmic intensity greeting the listener immediately at 120 BPM. Masked and ominous vocals creep in and out as metallic sound design washes over the track.

Track three 'On A Mad Train' is possibly the groups most experimental piece to date. Droned out guitars and ascending synth lines create an progressive palette that maintains masterful musicality dowsed with menace.

The closer 'Lights Out' bursts with slapping synth lines and a distorted kick which acts as the frame for the bed of noise. An ideal closer for an EP that exudes originality on a label that continues to push the boundaries.

Shadows - Leaves In The Wind (Original Mix)
Shadows - What If They Are Watching You (Original Mix)
Shadows - On A Mad Train (Original Mix)
Shadows - Lights Out (Original Mix)