Shades of Light, KatrinKa, Christopher Ivor, Oliver Schories – Seven Stories: Rags To Riches [Chapter 24 Records]

Why do we tell stories?

We breathe, we eat, we sleep. We seek connection. These are our basic human needs.

But there is one more need we all share, and it centres on stories. The universe of stories can be broken down into seven basic plots which underlie all stories ever told.

With Rags To Riches, Chapter 24 returns with seven stories in sound collected from artists across the world to bring these themes to life.

Oliver Schories - Eno (Original Mix)
Darin Epsilon - Jenova (Original Mix)
Jobe - Aurora (Original Mix)
Roundhead - Durante il viaggio (Original Mix)
Christopher Ivor - Back Home (Original Mix)
KatrinKa - Fragments (Original Mix)
Shades of Light - Sierra (Original Mix)