Shade k, BETTER KICKS – Tequilas [Diablo Loco]

The village is located there half way between the cardinal of Veracruz, Jalapa and the Sound Of Mexico. They keep managed to won the fight due to their latest surprising Tech-Funk skills and vouchsafe Donato and his Cactus crowd a sinful "Tequilas" pestilence that commit mayhem his wonderful-powers! It was there where the awful mafia big cheese Donato Tequila and his plot against tried to bring to an end the village and furnish all villagers as slaves to nameless destinations. Inspired by the standard Mexican wrestling discrimination and the legendary Luchadores the appellation aim to liberate top excellence singles, remixes, compilations and think up! Megawatt and his fellow-countryman Potato Patata Jr aka Heartier KICKS are in actuality venerable in the little village of Punta Vera in georgic, tropical Veracruz, Mexico! The chunky river of Rio De Pescados is crossing the village and flowing via to the Fjord of Mexico from the slopes of Orizaba mountain. with the eschew of the big Spaniol soir savage Luchador Soup K and five adopted "set free" Lucha dogs!! The destitute villagers called for keep from and the Lucha Libre community send Megawatt and Potato Patata Jr. DIABLO LOCO RECORDS is the new importance imprint focused on Tech-Funk, Electro-Building, Tech-Breaks aspect by top artists of the intercontinental furore.

BETTER KICKS - Tequilas (Original Mix)
BETTER KICKS - Tequilas (SHADE K remix)