Shabba, Jill Bellac – Association [Opia Records]

After appearing on the Opia Records label's last release with a fine remix, Jill Bellac is now back with an EP of him own. Entitled Association, it features four fresh cuts of infectious and inventive house.

Drip Drop is the great opener and marries mid tempo drums with gloopy, syrupy bass and crisp hits. It is the sort of cut to really warm a dance floor and encourage it to get loose. Next up is Imagining, a more direct and driven tech cut with squelchy drums and more brilliant bass. A subtle twinkle of synths adds a cosmic feel and some essential colour to the rolling grooves.

Then comes Phonetic, a cut riddled with arpeggiated, molten melodies that rain down over the sweet swooning, garage influenced drums that really get you into a groovy mood. Soul drenched synths adds a sense of late night charm and again this is the sort of track that will standout in any set. Last but not least, Got U is a truly elastic cut fully of jangling percussive patterns, rolling toms and freaky sounds that are loose, playful and fun.

All in all this is a fine EP from Bellac and Opia.

Jill Bellac - Imagining (Original Mix)
Jill Bellac - Phoetic (Original Mix)
Shabba, Jill Bellac - Got U (Original Mix)
Jill Bellac - Drip Drop (Original Mix)