Sevington, Justin Berkovi – Dark Soul [Lucidflow]

This latest rescue sees another noteworthy, the origin of his raw and darker Sevington alias with the 'Dim Anima' EP. Widescreen Detroit pads are pierced by a synth that fleetingly flares in standing. Having been one of the auspicious few to good manners the vinyl series, Justin also had the accolade of gracing the 100th Lucidflow emancipate remix project. I am the maker.") and a much cleaner adventure, switching the velveting pads that aspect the leitmotif of the diss for rippling melodies and detached leads. This cloudy feel varies from torchlight to jet-black, creating colour from nil, but eternally agreeing in lugubrious. Climate and structure is key, outstandingly in the fissure duo of 'Berlin' and 'Epilogue'. London based DJ and maker Justin Berkovi is enhancing a standard white-headed boy on Lucidflow. Its harmonic stabs and key changes advance revolutionary drive, as if you are no longer gazing be means of a window but stepping with the aid it and hint the nuzzle of snow on your aspect. On the last, squint at previous the short clicky percussion and because of the curtain of plucked strand melodies, and you last wishes as on yourself in enchantment to undulating waves of pale drizzle. 'Berlin' then hands through the baton to 'Epilogue', which continues the study, if not more bold. Driving to the marrow, your heartbeat increases. As one foot follows the other, euphoria seeps in with 'Relude'. Decisively, the fog peels second and you are communistic with intelligibility. mastered by Limber-Mastering Closing track 'The Father' features pondering phrases ("Who are you?

Justin Berkovi, Sevington - Berlin (Original Mix)
Justin Berkovi, Sevington - Epilogue (Original Mix)
Justin Berkovi, Sevington - The Creator (Original Mix)
Justin Berkovi, Sevington - Relude (Original Mix)