Seskin Lane – The History Of Things To Come [GD SEVENTY EIGHT MUSIC]

Seskin Lane are a Tipperary based a founded in 2010 by Eoin Ryan Anthony. Seskin Lane's launch album "In disarray Rainbow Drizzle" was released in 2011 and was followed by the untie of their deficient album: "The Depiction Of Things To Put in an appearance", in 2014. They are influenced by Broken-down 'n' Expire, Truth, Blues, Stock and Standard music. Seskin Lane are growing sincerely in approval and can in many cases be heard on some of Irelands top crystal set stations as famously as in diverse venues completely the hinterlands.

Seskin Lane - The Waters of the Moon (Original Mix)
Seskin Lane - Introduction (Original Mix)
Seskin Lane - Strawberry Medicine (Original Mix)
Seskin Lane - I Never Forget a Face (Original Mix)
Seskin Lane - Such a Pity (Original Mix)
Seskin Lane - Centre of the Universe (Original Mix)
Seskin Lane - DADGAD (Original Mix)
Seskin Lane - Waiting for Someone (Original Mix)
Seskin Lane - Small Silent Theory (Original Mix)