Sergio Maldonado – Much More [Water Bear Records]

This is one come out with you don't miss to escape! Unruffled, melodic, grooving, and laden in cascading arpeggios which piquancy things up nicely – Sergio Maldonado is help again with his latest donation "Much More". Blurring the lines between profound family and tech, we are unhesitatingly greeted with a exquisite present of melodies paired with a fe, burly bassline that is contrasted with raw nuances that segway wonderfully into a vocal conduct. The flipside present "Strata" delves deeper into more revisionist precinct, providing a good afterhours vibe rife with spaced out melodic plucks that evaporate into a bottomless, evolving pad that swells and builds alongside a growling low end bass.

Sergio Maldonado - Much More (Original Mix)
Sergio Maldonado - Strata (Original Mix)