Serg Smirnov, Anton Seim, David Tamamyan, Jarve Koh – Music For…, Vol.28 [M4U Records]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Jarve Koh - Dance with Me (Original Mix)
Mr. Teddy - Abstract Animals (Original Mix)
CJ Kovalev - 12th Dnk (Original Mix)
CJ Kovalev - Kick909 (Original Mix)
Dave Silence - Everybody Dance (Original Mix)
Dave Silence - Robocop (Original Mix)
FunJack - We Fall in Love (Original Mix)
Roman Tensai - Voice of Childhood (Original Mix)
David Tamamyan, Anton Seim - State of Mind (Original Mix)
Serg Smirnov - Empire (Original Mix)