Sereja Za, Masha, Marina, Guru – Phoenix [Soundfield]

Maks M (Maksim Moskalenko) talanted artist from petite hamlet Labinsk presents his coming out album on the contrary for you. Everybody who devotion Hip-Hop have to agree this set. Let's start! No greater than foremost Hip-Hop tracks you can come on here.

Guru, Maks M - Basketball (Original Mix)
Maks M, Krip - I Missed (Original Mix)
Maks M - Dark (Original Mix)
Maks M - Generation (Original Mix)
Guru, Maks M - Spark (Original Mix)
Maks M - Just Know (Original Mix)
Maks M - Not With Me (Original Mix)
Maks M - Phoenix (Original Mix)
Maks M - Selfie (Original Mix)
Den, Maks M - The Way To A Dream (Original Mix)
Den, Killa, Maks M - Life (Original Mix)
Marina, Maks M - Under The Same Sky (Original Mix)
Masha, Maks M - Be With Me (Original Mix)
Maks M, Sereja Za - Do Not Go (Original Mix)