Senmove, Daytona Team – Kakerlake [Mona Records]

Daytona Team & Senmove The Revenge was not first but second, but tomorrow there will be more fashionable, trendy step yesterday and your children will hear in lunar colonies blaring.
After a time out back with a new Ep Mona Records.
Senmove traumatized after a surfeit of presets type dub step,
Juanjo contacted with a single call and set to work …
Produced according to the Korean standard type and Mastering in Philadelphia with The Boss obtains always more cream as kiris.
We take this opportunity to send greetings to our neighbors and family. Hi mom…
Matured under the sun of Andalusia, they delight us with new themes spirit crushing twenty yearling, fresh and crisp vitamin creamy inside and out.
Worn shoes, let yourself long sideburns, touch your goatee.
We return to the holidays, the techno Purete no effect or guidelines or nuances or anything, bass drum and hi-hat, the endless weekends, to close the last all afters …
We return with no more father prohibition about listen it.
We hope you enjoy it!
Mona Records (C) 2016 Mastering by Sudblock Studios.

Daytona Team, Senmove - Cuchitril (Original mix)
Daytona Team, Senmove - Kakerlake (Original mix)
Daytona Team, Senmove - Vivaracha (Original mix)