Sefa, The Mastery, Dr. Peacock, Hyrule War – Famous In Vegas [Peacock Records]

Legendary in Vegas album with fifteen new intens frenchcore supervise including numberless other artists as Dr. Peacock, Ohmboy, Sghenny, The Mastery, Sefa and innumerable more. Peacock Records presents new Frenchcore by the on and purely Hyrule War!

Hyrule War - Killer Machine (Original Mix)
Hyrule War - Famous In Vegas (Original Mix)
Hyrule War - Burn The Floor (The Mastery Remix)
Hyrule War - Gold Dust (Original Mix)
Hyrule War, Sghenny - Trouble (Original Mix)
Hyrule War - Meditate (Original Mix)
Hyrule War - The One Who Knocks (Sefa Remix)
Ohmboy, Hyrule War - Run With Us (Original Mix)
Hyrule War - New Worlds (Original Mix)
Hyrule War - Boom Shake (Original Mix)
Hyrule War, La Ravage - Neurotoxin (Original Mix)
Hyrule War - Shotgun On The Rooster (Original Mix)
Hyrule War - Strange Things (Original Mix)
Dr. Peacock, Hyrule War - Fastest Man Alive (Original Mix)
Hyrule War - Death Sentence (Original Mix)